A New Era on MillerMenagerie.com

This weblog has functioned as it has for a little over a decade. As the kids have gotten older, we want to provide them more privacy of their information, history, and lives. Over the course of the next two months, the weblog will be undergoing “scrubbing” of identifying information. Some of it will become password protected, some of it will be privatized and hidden. If you have a sincere interest in the kids’ lives, i.e. you’re a family member, friend, therapist or teacher (or scout leader, etc) of theirs, if you’ve ever shared the same air with our family and just want to see how we’re doing, I’m happy to supply the login credential so you may read password protected content. Basically, I want to be sure you’re not some internet creeper touching your nekkid self while inappropriately looking at my kids’ pictures.

I’m unsure what future content will look like. I feel that blogs are passé, especially the dreaded “mommy blog”. They’re a dime a dozen, and while we are different because we choose to have a large family, in spite of autism and our Anglican faith (the church of birth control & divorce, after all), you could easily read a hundred other sites and come close to what I’d write. Blogs are great because they allow you to share your opinion, and we all know about opinions, their plenteous existence, and what they’re most easily compared to. Exactly. That’s why everyone doesn’t need a weblog.

I might change my mind as this site’s content (with dated journal entries existing on our old domain bombadil.com since 2001) is very old, as far as the internet is concerned. I reserve the right to flippantly do something different with MillerMenagerie.com

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